Web Analytics

Online marketing is an essential part of almost all businesses in our technology-driven world. People often use technology to learn about and connect with businesses. If you do not have an online presence, you are missing out on a large pool of potential customers. The most basic way to start developing an online presence is to create a website. Once you have a website, you can use other forms of online marketing, such as social media, to draw potential customers to your website. There are numerous online tools available to measure what is happening with your website. It can be overwhelming to wade through all the options and determine what information is actually useful. Once you have a website built by a qualified web design Springfield MO company, a good place to start is with Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that collects data about your website. The type of data you decide to collect through Google Analytics depends on the goals you have for the website. You can collect basic data such as page views and the amount of time visitors spend on your website. You can also collect data on more specific goals. For example, if you have an E-commerce website you can measure the visitor behavior that leads to a purchase. With Google Analytics, you can find out how often a visitor to your website turns into a customer. You can also determine the point in the process when potential customers decide to abandon their intended purchases and leave the site. The data you collect with Google Analytics will provide you with insight into the ways you can improve your site and increase business.

Can I use Google Analytics for my company website?

If you have a website of any kind, you can use Google Analytics to learn about your audience, improve the visitor experience, and measure the overall success of your website.

Why do I need to use Google Analytics for my website?

Creating and maintaining a website of any kind requires time and money. You can use Google Analytics to determine if the resources you are pouring into your website are being well spent. In addition, if you determine that something about your website is not working; Analytics can help you determine which elements to change. For example, you can determine where visitors are within your site when they decide to leave. If you see a pattern in the metrics, it can help you determine what area of the site needs to be changed.

How much does it cost to get started with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service offered to website owners. There is a paid version called Google Analytics 360 Suite that is designed for SEO Springfield MO companies with multifaceted marketing and sales strategies. The free version of Google Analytics is enough to meet the needs of most small business owners.

How do I get started with Google Analytics?

The first step to getting started is to visit the Analytics site and create an account. When you create your account, you will be asked to define your goals. Your goals are what will be measured and reported to you. As you set your goals, consider what type of experience you want for website visitors and what you hope they will do while on your site. You do not have to have everything figured out before signing up for Analytics. You can, and should, go back to adjust and add new goals for your website as you learn more about your audience.

Once you have created and account and set goals, the next step is to add the tracking code provided by Google to your website. The tracking code allows Analytics to know when you have visitors to your site. Either you or the person/company managing your website can add the code. You can start reviewing data about your website within hours of adding the tracking code.

When you start using Google Analytics for your website, you may choose to measure the most basic goals to get a general understanding of who is visiting your site and how they find you. That is a good place to start, but Analytics has a lot more to offer. As your company grows and changes, you can become more specific with your goals and fine tune your online marketing efforts in order to improve and increase business.